Who will ❤️ this newsletter?

  • Aspiring developers/software engineers who want advice on learning, applying for jobs and breaking into the world of tech.

  • Developers & software engineers who are looking to progress in their careers.

  • Tech recruiters - I am super passionate about the hiring process and share my thoughts on how to make the process better and more inclusive for all.

  • Folk generally interested in mindfulness.

  • Folk generally interested in productivity - routines, techniques etc etc.

  • People interested in engineering culture and my opinions on it. I like to challenge the norms and question everything that is traditional software culture.

  • Those interested in what goes on in my life at Monzo.

James Bedford… who that?

Hey, I am James 👋

I am an Engineering Manager at Monzo Bank. I am super passionate about helping software engineers grow their careers as well as develop as individuals - I get paid to do this, which is pretty fucking cool I guess! My other passions are mindfulness and productivity (I love a morning routine!) and helping people become more organised in their lives.

Five or so years ago, I set sail on this crazy journey to turn my life around. I was a construction worker, riddled with debt, generally pretty unhappy with the cards I had been dealt. I stumbled into the world of tech and it turned out I was pretty good at it.

My life ambition is to help as many people turn their lives around the same way I did. I intend to achieve this by creating content to teach people what I learnt during this mad time of my life and continue to learn to this day. Being able to talk openly about the challenges I face each day at work, my own personal growth as well as sharing my knowledge with the world is incredible.

I look forward to having you on board, friends ✌️