Hello World! I'm Still Alive.



When you signed up this newsletter, it was probably about a year ago. Doesn't the time fly.

My intention had been to be doing a weekly newsletter offering advice for those of you who were on your road to becoming web developers, however life got in the way.

I had the opportunity to become an engineering leader a company I had been admiring for a long time. It was a long process of preparation and interviews and unfortunately my side projects got hit in the crossfire. This newsletter took a back seat.

However, I am ready to start it up again. I am going to be using this as a vessel to deliver super valuable content to you weekly to help you on your journey into the world of tech, as well as content that will help you build stronger careers and work your way up the ladder of life.

All the good stuff.


I am glad we got the formalities out of the way. Now I can go back to delivering awesome shit to your email address each week.

Until next time friends,

a.k.a Countryside.coder